The Growth Podcast with Aaron Civitarese

TGP #35 Growing Your Book Of Business with Austin McCulloh

Episode Notes

Join Aaron Civitarese and Austin McCulloh as they talk about growing your book of business. He’s the principal consultant of his capital consulting firm, Austin McCulloh advising. Austin coaches entry-level sales professionals get out of their own way and find clarity in their business. 


Among many things, you’ll learn:




About Austin McCulloh:


Austin McCulloh is a serial entrepreneur, as he was the President of Supercorn Tutoring, which ended up teaching English to 700+ Chinese children, and he is the Principal Consultant of Austin McCulloh Advising, which Austin hopes to one day become the #1 Human Capital consulting firm in the world. Through his area of expertise, Austin is focused on cutting-edge innovation within the self-development & finance sectors. Austin’s high energy, strong discipline, and intense drive make him the perfect fit for financial advisors looking to take their career to the next level and increase their income. 


He directed 400+ hours of calls & made over 2,500 contacts to acquire his first 10 clients in the first 4 months of business, which taught him a massive amount about sales & resiliency


He knows sales & how to close because he has experience in one of the most difficult forms of sales - selling himself. He wasn’t selling a cup of coffee or a gym membership, he was selling the certainty in himself, and he wants to teach you how to do this for yourself.




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